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I Feel Inspired to Do Big Things Even if I'm Tiny. I'm Kelly. I enjoy doing stand up and I'm a ridiculously happy exclamation point of a person! My favorite bands/musicians are: Beirut, Bright Moments, The National, Sharon Van Etten, Martin Solveig, Madeon, Daft Punk, Macklemore, Two Door Cinema Club, The Vaccines, and The Cranberries, I love Jimmy Fallon, Italy, Ireland, dogs, and rainbow colored stuff.

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On hold with Dell tech support forever. This shit is less than a year old #fucktechnology #iamfirstworldandiwantmyshittowork

Nice win tonight, #SFGIANTS! 👏⚾️🐺😎 #CheeringSection

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I hate it when people complain about other people kissing their dogs. Like you’ve never licked someone’s junk.

#musicareschallenge !! A worthwhile challenge to support the musicians that create the music that’s supported us emotionally, intellectually, professionally, and any other “-ally” words that apply to you:"Take a photo with a record (or cd or tape) that helps make life better for you. Music that you reach for when you need comfort, or just want a soundtrack to that beer you’re drinking. Then donate ANY amount you can (minimum $5) to MusiCares, at the link provided below.MusiCares helps musicians in need. Their very existence can literally save the lives of those that provide the soundtrack to ours.Take your photo, tag some people to do the same, and throw a couple of bucks to MusiCares. Let’s see if we can keep the trend of viral donating going…”Donate ANY amount you can at the MusiCares website:
I nominate all of Tumblr!

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Name: Kelly
Nickname: Kells
Birthday: 9/23/1983
Gender: female
Sexuality: bi
Height: 3 ft 10 in
Time Zone: Pacific 
What time and date is it there:
 11:47 PM 8/31/2014

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 6
The last thing I Googled: Zach Condon probably
My most used phrase(s): For Fuck Sake

First word that comes to mind: hope

What I last said to a family member: Love you
One place that makes me happy & why:  The Independent in San Francisco.  That’s where I met Beirut and got to hang out backstage with Sharon Van Etten.  Two of my very favorite people.  
How many blankets I sleep under: 1 usually.
favourite beverage(s): coke, pepsi, iced tea, strawberry lemonade, midori (can’t drink anymore but I used to looooooove it)
Last movie I watched in the cinema: The Fault in Our Stars

Three things I can’t live without: comedy, music, sushi
Something I plan on learning: another language
A piece of advice for all my followers: Fuck what other people have to say unless they agree with you.
listen to this song: Sharon Van Etten-Break Me
blog(s): this one and IDK if this counts as a blog but @Perrinmantis on Instagram is the bestest.  Autumn and I run it.  

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Aww thank you Sexxlaws!  :)

1. I used to think the laugh track/studio audience from TV sitcoms were the people in their houses watching the show too.  Like an intercom haha! (When I was a kid)

2. I used to want to find naked men on TV/movies all the time when I was a kid.  I was an advanced child haha

3. I do not like chocolate chip cookies and I’m not a vegan but my roommate buys vegan chocolate chip cookies and I like them a lot. 

4. I’ve been to Italy 6 times and Ireland 14 (maybe more, I can’t remember but it’s close to that).

5. Boys in suits look uncomfortable to me and it makes me sad.