Kelly O'Kelly Comedy!

I Feel Inspired to Do Big Things Even if I'm Tiny. I'm Kelly. I enjoy doing stand up and I'm a ridiculously happy exclamation point of a person! My favorite bands/musicians are: Beirut, Bright Moments, The National, Sharon Van Etten, Martin Solveig, Madeon, Daft Punk, Macklemore, Two Door Cinema Club, The Vaccines, and The Cranberries, I love Jimmy Fallon, Italy, Ireland, dogs, and rainbow colored stuff.

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Practicing my “I’m famous and i’m the subject of a scandal get that camera out of my fucking face” face.

I was talking to my mom about where we’re going to get a dog this summer.  She’s like oh well there are so many that need rescuing so I think we’re going to get one from the shelter yay!  :)

My friend found a dick sweater in a box at the garage sale. Keeps your dick warm. #fapwear #dick #sweater
My bestie has a #corgi #dog #pets #petsofinstagram

The best advice I can give is not to be concerned with whether or not you are aesthetically pleasing to others and to focus on creating beauty.  That means creating art as a means of expressing yourself and allowing your inner qualities to manifest themselves in some physical form.  Your body should only be considered the medium if altering it pleases YOU, the ARTIST.  Another way to create beauty is by enjoying and understanding what others have created.  This will please your soul and help you form bonds with likeminded people.  Therefore spreading happiness and human connection.  Passion, joy, creativity and unity are what make people beautiful.

The National in 9 daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


This is what happens when you try to eat beef jerky in a dog daycare


How to Get Ombre Hair

Color hair.  Have no money to fix it when it grows out.

Lol this is my new desktop at work. #mistakenforstrangers #movie #tomberninger #ntnl